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Vail Area Raised Relief Topo Map

30 inches by 20 inches map size (total area is 32"x22")
Features all the major Vail and Beaver Creek terrain
All major peaks and elevations listed
Markers for each of the 10th Mountain Division Huts

A completely unique map with never-before-listed trails and skier info, this raised-relief topographic map covers all the most important terrain of the Vail area in incredible detail. Enjoy scanning the aspects of Vail's and Beaver Creek's extensive slopes. Find new mountains to explore, and get new perspective on the geography of your favorite mountain areas.

Unique features include:

  • Vail and Beaver Creek lifts, bowls, peaks, elevations, and other major points of interest.

  • 10th Mountain Division huts.

  • All major hiking and biking trail, and plenty of more obscure trails.

  • All major points of elevation.

  • Historic sites such as Camp Hale and Holy Cross City.