What We're About

We want you to ski and ride like a local. Since 2012.

The mountain is big. It can be daunting to navigate. All you want to do is hit the slopes without having to waste time looking at the map every five minutes. That’s where we come in. At Mtns Co we provide awesome ways to  interact with the mountains, and get to know them better. We here at Mtns Co know better than anyone that knowledge of the terrain can be the difference between an epic day and a frustrating one. And trying to navigate using the mountain trail signs and flimsy maps on the chair lifts is not easy. That’s why everything we do is to help prevent you from feeling lost or overwhelmed when you hit the slopes. 

How We Got Here

“Just a Season”

Matt and Elise, Mtns Co Founders – About Us
Mtns Co is a husband wife partnership. Our names are Matt and Elise. When we first met in Boulder, Colorado in 2011, we came up to Vail every weekend to ski. This is where we fell in love. It also happened to be the worst ski season in recent history, so we usually ended up taking a couple of turns, then returning to the cabin to get cozy. And quickly, our favorite cozy thing to do together was to put on some music, make some warm beverages, and put together puzzles.
By the next winter we moved up Minturn “just for a season.” Over the next few years we never found a reason to leave this mountain paradise. We built Mtns Co over the next few years. Over that time, we really found the value in being local ambassadors in the community, and helping visitors and new arrivals feel welcome. Showing enthusiastic people around the mountain, the town, and helping them enjoy the area like locals is our calling… and this became central to values of Mtns Co.