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Mt Bierstadt Sticker

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Don't forget to clean the surface before applying the sticker.
One of the widely known fourteeners by seasoned adventurers is the gorgeous Mount Bierstadt. It’s a high mountain summit named in honor of Albert Bierstadt – an American landscape painter. This 14er is located west by south of Mount Evans; precisely Mount Evans wilderness of Pike National Forest. Interestingly, due to the Peak’s accessibility and ease while climbing, it is one of the popular mountains in Colorado. Besides, it is primarily used for hiking, although dogs are also allowed to use the Peak’s trail. Just like other Mountains, the 14er's route is with heavy traffic during summer and spring; being the best time for hiking on the mountain.


Mount Bierstadt has an elevation of 14,060ft which is equivalent to 4285m.

Mountain Range

Mount Bierstadt is in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains of North America.

Main Trail Length

The main trail to get to the trailhead is Guanella Pass. The Peak’s main trail also known as Colorado’s iconic 14er route is a heavily trafficked 11kilometers out and back route type with an elevation gain of 832m.

Closest Town

Georgetown appears to be the nearest town to the 14er roughly 12 miles away.