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Keystone Blanket | Ski Resort Trail Map Fleece Throw Blanket


• Soft, fluffy fleece
• Official Keystone Resort Trail map
• 70 by 50 inches
• Machine washable
• Stain Resistant

If a blanket’s softness and coziness were rated on a scale of 1-10, this blanket would undoubtedly score an 11. Made from a plush, brushed minky fiber, our throw blankets are incredibly soft, warm, and snuggly. They are also amazingly durable. They will stand up to outdoor use on the snow, grass, sand, or back of the truck and are completely machine washer and dryer friendly. They do not shrink, warp, or fade after any amount of loads in the laundry. The size is perfect for use as a throw blanket or picnic blanket, at 6 feet by 4 feet. The horizontal orientation looks stunning on any bed bed size up to King.

Keystone Ski Resort is the masterpiece of one of the most legendary American mountaineers, Max Dercum. With a background in ski racing and and forestry, Max moved to Colorado in the 1940s and spent all his time racing, exploring, and playing in the Colorado Rockies. After first starting the legendary Arapahoe Basin in 1946, Max turned his eye to the area around Independence Mountain. He spent over a decade surveying and planning every detail of the Keystone Resort. It wasn’t until 1969 that the plans started to come together, and after utilizing his expertise in forestry, Max was able to turn the mountain into a ski resort by the next winter in November 1970.

Keystone expanded fast over the years. After Independence Mountain was chosen for the alpine downhill skiing event for the Denver – which Denver declined – Keystone gained instant notoriety. By 1984, the North Peak was added to the resort, and quickly lifts were added and upgraded to service more of Keystone’s diverse terrain.

Currently, Keystone features 3,148 skiable acres, spread out over three peaks, and the infamous A51 terrain park. Whether you want to get as much of the 3,000 vertical that Keystone offers, or discover the untamed terrain of Independence Mountain and the Outback, knowing the mountain is an absolute must.