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Challenger Point Fourteener 5-Panel Mesh Trucker Hat


Classic trucker cap style with fabrics that make it very breathable.

• 47% cotton, 28% nylon, 25% polyester
• Five-panel with higher profile
• Flatbill, can be bent
• Snapback closure

Challenger Point is a high peak summit of the Crestones. This mountain is located in Saguache County, Colorado, U.S. Challenger point is classified as part of The Rocky Mountains of North America.

Surprisingly, the parent peak of Challenger point is the Kit Carson mountain which is northeast of the Mountain. Also, Challenger Point has its best and closer views from the Kit Carson Mountain.

Specifically, the Fourteener is located 8.1 kilometers east by south of the town of Crestone with a bearing of 102°.

Interestingly, the attempt to name this mountain Challenger point was made by Dennis Williams - a Colorado resident, in 1986. The name was later approved on April 9, 1987, by the Board of Geographic Names.

Most importantly, this Mount was named in honor of the Crew of Shuttle Challenger that took the risk to expand mankind's horizon and died due to the disintegration of shuttle space challenger.


Challenger point has an elevation of 14,081ft which is equivalent to 4291m.

Mountain Range

Interestingly, one of the highest mountain summits of Crestones is the Challenger Point, which has its range in the Sangre De Cristo.

Main Trail Length

Challenger point has its main trail length, which measures 18.8 kilometers. Alongside, this trail has an elevation gain of 1615 meters and an out and back route type.

The primary use of the trail includes bird watching, hiking, and nature trips. Also, this mountain trail is dog-friendly.

Closest Town

The closest town to Challenger point is the town of Crestone. This town is 2.4 miles away from this mountain.