Snow in Vail, Dreams are Happenin'

By Matt December 10, 2010 0 comments

Dreams are coming true, and we couldn't be more excited!

Matt, Stella and I just moved up to the Vail, Colorado. We wanted to fully embrace the ski culture and snow in a way that we all have wanted to explore (especially Stella). I know it was a rough decision as you can imagine...ha ha.  It has been great settling into our new lives up here.  Although, I have to remember how to get out there and meet people. Stella and I are keeping busy working on designing, creating yellow snow, and making puzzles.

On this beautiful weekend we not only had incredible snow and then sun, but we also sold our first puzzles.  We are so excited to be off the ground and making our dreams come true.

Remember, if you have a dream, just freakin' go for it!  You have everything to gain, and so little to lose.  You will ONLY regret not going for it.  Trust me.

Accumulation Accumulation

Shoveling Snow

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