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VELA Apparel - Our New Brand

VELA Apparel - Our New Brand

VELA Apparel - Our New Brand

VELA Apparel is our new brand for all of our clothing and accessories.

Since our apparel designs have become so popular, we've decided to start a new apparel brand. This new brand – VELA Apparel – will be home to all our clothes and accessories.

Over the last year, Elise has been creating lots of new designs. Make sure to check them all out on our website. There's now lots more options for styles and fun art.

A little bit about the new company:

Vela operates in the Vail Valley, Colorado, but but began during our travels in the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of Italy. Inspired by the natural beauty of the landscape, Elise started sketching daily to reflect and record the journey. The sketches resonated with our friends and followers on Instagram, and we knew we had tapped into a need: to express a love for the natural world through art. We decided to make the designs wearable and portable so people could share their enjoyment of Elise’s designs with the rest of the world.

The VELA Constellation

Our name comes from the constellation Vela, which in Latin means the sails. Vela would appear above the Mediterranean Sea in spring and appear to sail across the sky through the summer. A love of exploration and travel is one of our company’s core values. A constellation in the shape of a sailing ship wandering the night sky encapsulates the spirit of our designs and our customers.

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