Hand-Stitched Hats Made in the Rocky Mountains

By Matt August 13, 2015 0 comments

Hand-Stitched Hats inspired by and made in the Beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains

Everyone has really been loving Elise's new hand-stitched hats and asking so many questions about them. So during a recent stay at a 10th Mountain Division Hut, we documented the making a few hats so everyone can see how it's done. Looking to buy one? Visit Elise's Etsy Store and pick out your favorite. Elise will hand make yours to order.

Elise starts by cutting mountain shapes from different textured and patterned fabrics. Sometimes she adds a smaller element, like a camper or bike. Then she lays them out on the hats, and chooses a couple yarn colors. The hand-stitched hats are made using a great trucker/baseball cap hybrid style of hat. The mesh in back makes the hat more breathable.

Once the layout is set up, Elise starts the stitching. This is the most time consuming process. Each hand-stitched hat takes more than a couple hours to complete. It's not a tough job when you're in a beautiful setting like 11,000ft in the Rocky Mountains.

Each hand-stitched hat comes out unique. And they hold up really well!

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