Custom Trucker Hats Hand Painted by Elise Reynolds

By Matt August 17, 2014 0 comments

Custom trucker hats hand-painted by Elise Reynolds -  so you can sport your individual style.

We got tired of the same boring trucker hats with no life or personality, haven't you? So Elise got to work making something with more life, color and awesomeness: custom trucker hats.

Elise Reynolds, designer and co-owner of Double Black Designs, is now designing and painting custom trucker hats featuring unique and one-of-a-kind designs. From macaw feathers to lotus flowers to aspen trees, these custom trucker hats allow you to show off your own personality and favorite interests. All custom trucker hats also come on a variety of different colors including black, navy, kelly green and royal blue.

Elise Reynolds describes her process, "I paint all the custom trucker hats with a special fabric paint. At first I can manipulate the paint. Using a little water, the paint bleeds kind of like water color. I can manipulate the shapes and color in ways that are so unique and unimaginable." While dynamic when wet, the paints are permanent. Elise explains, "as soon as the paint dries fully, the paint is set, and won't ever run or change."

On sale now for $35.00 in the Double Black Designs Shop, when you buy custom trucker hat from our website, you can choose your design from our instagram page.


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