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Vail Snow Report: Liquid Snow?

Vail Snow Report: Liquid Snow?

March 18 — Vail snow reports from Wednesday night showed a bizarre weather pattern moved in the Colorado high country, precipitating snow in a previously unknown liquid form.

Meteorologists all over were confounded by the substance, which for lack of a better term, they have dubbed "liquid snow."

"Previously, we believed that snow only existed in the symmetrical crystalline structure that we are all so familiar with," explained renown meteorologist Jake Aldrich. "But in this most recent storm, the snow came down in a strange liquid droplet form. It's unlike anything I've ever seen... at least in March."

Initial theories about this new form of snow speculate that the higher than normal temperatures in the air could have combined with the frozenness of the snow. Somehow this caused instability in the snow's molecular makeup. "We didn't know that snow could exist in this liquid state."

Vail snow reports show that as much as an inch of this liquid version of snow could fall during this storm.

Vail Snow ReportDouble Black Designs headed to Vail Mountain to ask the local skiers and snowboarders what they thought of the new Vail snow conditions. "This liquid form of snow is really difficult to ride. It doesn't pack like normal snow," skier Alex Virkner told us. "This snow doesn't accumulate. It sort of just falls to the ground... like melted snow."

Alex's observations were confirmed by the Vail snow stake in Blue Sky Basin. Rather than accumulating measurable depth, the liquid snow just slides right off the platform.

Clearly, the liquid snow will be presenting a new challenge for snow sport enthusiasts like Alex. "I don't think I have to right kind of wax on my skis."


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