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Fitbit For Ski Conditioning

Fitbit For Ski Conditioning

Fitbit For Ski Conditioning

How Fitbit Flex Is The Perfect Addition To My Ski Conditioning And Winter Fitness Preparation

-Elise Reynolds

About two months ago, I was given a Fitbit Flex to test out from Women's Health and Target. Since then, I haven't spent a day without it on my wrist and I check my daily stats more often than I check facebook. During that time my Fitbit has influenced a total change in my daily fitness routine and diet. But what I'm most excited about is how the Fitbit is already causing dramatic improvements to my preseason ski and snowboard training.

In a recent Vail Daily article by Kim Fuller I was interviewed about how the Fitbit has helped me stay on top of my workouts during the summer. But as the leaves start changing and snow is around the corner, I am starting to plan my switch from hiking and biking trails to the gym. And that's where the Fitbit has been such a relief to have on my wrist.

First of all, the Fitbit's accelerometer keeps track of all my movements. Most importantly counts every step I take throughout the day. It's recommended to take 10,000 steps a day, though I often like to make my own goals. If it's a crazy day at work, I'll shoot for 7,500. Other times I'm ambitious and get a full 20,000. Either way, I can can check in with myself throughout the day and make sure that on track to hit my goals.

The other amazing Fitbit feature that's been helping with my ski training is the active minutes log. On days when I can set aside a full 30+ minutes for cardiovascular, I need to split up my cardio in 15-20 min chunks. The Fitbit keeps track of every minute that I have an accelerated heart rate for me, so I don't have to constantly add it up throughout the day. That way, even a quick 10 minute jog with my dog in the morning and afternoon gets added in accurately and consistently.

It's the accuracy and consistency of the Fitbit that I love so much. It's so hard to transition from the heavy cardio exercise outside to indoor weightlifting without completely loosing track of my endurance. The Fitbit is the perfect way to make sure that I'm still getting all of my cardiovascular and round out my workouts.

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