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El Nino Gives Exclusive Interview to Joel Gratz

El Nino Gives Exclusive Interview to Joel Gratz

El Nino Gives Exclusive Interview to Joel Gratz

In Case You Missed It: Joel Gratz's Exclusive Interview With El Nino

We all know know that 'El Nino' is Spanish for 'The Nino', but what else do we know about this elusive character? Well early Monday morning, Joel Gratz of got a rare, exclusive interview with El Nino and we've got the scoop.

Full time Pacific Ocean resident El Nino is generally known for his unpredictable, erratic behavior in the United States. He talks a lot of game, and sometimes he brings much higher than anticipated snowfall, other times he falls way short of his hype. In the interview, Senior Nino comes across as nothing more than a hot-headed individual who thinks he's extremely influential. My hot water changes the position of thunderstorms and wind patterns over the Pacific Ocean. This in turn changes the wind patterns all over the world, which affects the storm track and ultimately where snow will fall. See, I’m kinda a big deal." But just how influential will El Nino be this winter?

Joel Gratz – known for his cut-throat, take-no-prisoners meteorological reporting – asks the tough questions in his interview with El Nino. Demanding to know what El Nino had in store for snowfall in the U.S. this winter season, El Nino tried to sidestep the question, but couldn't help it. "You know I can’t give you the details right now as it depends how strong I am and the location of my warmest water. But I can say that in general I favor above-average snowfall for the southwest US, below-average snowfall for the northwest, and perhaps above average for the east coast."

In short, things with El Nino seem to be heating up quite a bit. And that's a recipe for a wet and powdery winter here in the Rocky's and Western Mountains.

Despite Gratz's probing journalism, there's no question that El Nino remains an elusive character. El Nino challanges Gratz in the interview, "Don't think you can judge me by a few thermometer dropped into me from you buoys. You do't know me man."

Immediately following the interview, El Nino boarded his Jet Stream to return to his Pacific residence, and refused further questioning.

Read the full interview with Joel Gratz here.

Stay tuned for more developments on El Nino's influence this Winter season.

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