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Find the Best Colorado Backcountry With Jon Kedrowski's New Book

Find the Best Colorado Backcountry With Jon Kedrowski's New Book

Find the Best Colorado Backcountry With Jon Kedrowski's New Book

Dr. Jon Kedrowski's new book Classic Colorado Ski Descents is now available! Check out Colorado Backcountry's most technical and exciting backcountry terrain with this incredible guide written by a true ski mountaineering expert.

Jon Kedrowski Classic Colorado Descents | Colorado Backcountry

Just because we at Mtns Co make trail map products, doesn't mean we don't get in the backcountry. We love the backcountry, but just as much as a map can help you in bounds, a guidebook is necessary to helping you out of bounds.

Dr. Jon Kedrowski just released his new book Classic Colorado Ski Descents. Available now for $24.95 on his website, this book doesn't just offer adrenaline-inducing visuals of incredible Colorado backcountry descents. It's also a detailed guidebook with the most up-to-date info for accessing and preparing for some of the most technical terrain that the Rocky Mountains has to offer. In the book, you'll get amazing maps and great details on approaches, mountains stats, and descriptions of terrain. There's over 300 descents packed into this book.

At Mtns Co, we are particularly excited about this book because it's a great addition to the resources available to those of us who love to conquer new challenges in our backyard. It's fun to watch the slew of yearly ski and snowboard films that feature professionals dropping lines in the most remote parts of the world. It's even more fun to have a resource that teaches the amatuer backcountry enthusiast how to safely access these world-class runs from right here in Colorado. This book needs a stamp of approval on the front that reads "Ski Like Your Heros, No Heli Required".

The book's author, Jon Kedrowski, is one of the world's most accomplished ski-mountaineers and he's also a Vail, CO local, born and raised. He personally has skied all of the terrain detailed in this book and conquered some truly remarkable feats, like camping at the peak of each Colorado 14er in a single year. in 2015, he was at Everest base camp (he summited Everest a few years earlier) when the 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal. Using his expertise and training, he was integral in the rescue efforts. This dude does not set the bar low... I mean he even has the word 'ski' in his last name.

In case you needed one more reason to buy this book, Jon is also a leading advocate for mountain safety. In recent years we've seen record numbers of Colorado backcountry deaths. Jon's expertise and commitment to mountain safety is invaluable. Recently, he spoke at Big Heart, Big Hands yearly fundraiser Splash of L.I.M.E. using his own experiences, he addressed a lot of the variables that we so rarely have to think about.

Jon has published two other books on mountaineering, and speaks frequently in mountain areas. This week he'll be at the Bookworm of Edwards on Thursday Nov 16, so you can buy his book and meet him there! I hope you all get the chance to meet him soon.

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