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Best BEWI Expo Swag Report

Best BEWI Expo Swag Report

Best BEWI Expo Swag Report
So, you paid $15 to get into Ski and Snowboard Expo this weekend, and it better be worth it. You know you're going to be able to take advantage of good sales from Colorado Ski and Golf (click here for an extra coupon) and the ski resorts. But let's address the real issue... Are you going to walk away with some sweet, winter-worthy swag? Here is our Denver Best BEWI Swag Report.

Awesome Stickers and CondomsLet's start out with a few great stops that you can get to easily as soon as you walk in. The Silverton Mountain booth is on your left as you walk in the entrance, on the other side of the truck parked on the floor. Stop here to get some ridiculous and inappropriate stickers, and if you do a handstand – or some other dope move – they'll even give you a hat or headband. Maybe best of all are their condoms with custom Silverton Mountain branding. But warning gentlemen: I'm not sure how women will react when you try to be safe by pulling out a condom with a image on the wrapper that seems to imply danger is ahead.


Cliff Bar SnacksTo the right of the entrance is the Cliff Bar booth. They will gladly give you sample sizes of different bars. Way better than the sugar candy that most exhibitors are dishing out. Stop here, load up, and get your expo on. Just up from the Cliff Bar booth towards the center of the expo is the Warren Miller booth. Pick up tickets for their newest show Ticket2Ride and they'll hook you up with some awesome beanies and a free DVD. cornholeRight near the entrance is also the booth. Let me tell you if you don't already know – this website is badass, and you need to get their mobile app if you religiously check snow reports before you plan your ski and snowboard trips.  Here you can prove your cornhole expertise (blushing yet?) and get awesome free stuff if you put it in the hole (now you are!).

By this time, you'll probably need soething to hold all your free stuff. Make sure to hit up Jackson Hole's booth (adjacent to's booth). They're giving away cool orange (empty) tote bags. Stash your current swag stash and keep moving.

Ski Utah BeerpongPast the Jackson Hole booth, and just around the corner to the right is Ski Utah. They have two Olympic regulation beer pong set-ups, so you and your friends can challenge yourself to a duel. Don't get the wrong idea, these cups are filled with water, but you do get a free side beer to sip on while you play and the winner will claim rights to various awesome Utah Ski Resort swag like sick sweatshirts. Even the looser gets an awesome beer bottle opener. The games here being at 2pm.


Beer FestFinally, I gotta talk about the beer section. Let's strip away any illusions: the beer at this festival does not flow like wine and your ticket into the expo will not get you into the beer festival. It will cost you an extra $25 more to get in or you can buy a ticket to both for $35, saving you $5. There are some cool breweries there like Asher Brewery. The real issue is that you can't take your beer out of the beer area, which is separated from the rest of the expo. You can taste and drink plenty of beer, but it's a little tucked away in the corner, and might only be fun for 15-20 minutes tops. You'd think it was just a big free beer-for-all, but I'd recommend spending your $25 bucks on a few 6-packs at the liquor store to enjoy after the show or during the Broncos and game.

All in all, BEWI is definitely worth its price of admission in swag alone. But on top of that, you get to check out some of Colorado's coolest new products (these are some of ours). It's like Halloween but for adults who love extreme sports, so if you haven't already, plan on coming to the Convention Center and take advantage of this awesome Ski and Snowboard Expo. And of course, stop by booth 70 and see us at Double Black Designs.


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