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Snowmass Mountain Sticker

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On August 7, 1873, William Byers, James Gardner, and William Rideling climbed Snowmass mountain for the first time. The eastern slopes of Snowmass Mountain contain a large snowfield that gave the mountain its name. It is the largest ski resort within the Aspen Snowmass portfolio of four mountains and is one of the largest ski resorts in Colorado. As the only mountain of the four featuring a "noon-groom", Snowmass appeals to those who do not want to miss the excitement of riding a groomer while getting their beauty sleep. In addition, Snowmass is one of Colorado's remotest 14ers, ranking nearly as remote as San Luis Peak, Windom Peak, Eolus Peak, and Sunlight Peak. Snowmass Mountain should not be confused with the Snowmass ski area. This is located outside Snowmass Village, or with the nearby Snowmass Peak - a much lower and visually striking peak that looms over Snowmass Lake. Neither should the Snowmass ski area be compared with Snowmass Mountain because it sits between Snowmass Mountain and Snowmass Peak


This 14,092-foot (4,295-metre) tall mountain in Colorado ranks among the state's highest mountain peaks.

Mountain Range

Castle Peak is the only 14er in the Elk Range that is easier to climb than Snowmass. Besides, Snowmass Mountain is the 32nd highest mountain in Colorado.

Main Trail Length

The Snowmass Mountain is a 32.7 kilometer heavily trafficked out-and-back trail. It has an elevation gain of 1,894 meters and is located near Snowmass Village, Colorado. The Trail features a lake. Furthermore, it provides a variety of activities which are enjoyable between June and September.

Closest Town

The closest town to Snowmass Mountain is Snowmass village. It is located 4.14 miles away from the mountain.