Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Before you contact us, check out our FAQs.

What's your return policy?

We will gladly accept returns for up to 15 days after you receive your items. Unless defective or damaged, items can only be returned if unopened and unused.

How long do orders take to ship?

Most orders will ship day of, and some take 2-4 days to process, depending on the item.

Why is my order coming in multiple shipments?

Some of our orders are made on demand to ensure quality, and some we keep in stock. The orders that we have in stock we ship immediately, and the ones we make on demand will ship after 2-4 days of processing.

What do I do if my puzzle is missing pieces?

Let us first say that we will do our best to replace the missing pieces. Please use the contact form or email with a picture of the missing piece(s).

However, we bet you our ski passes that the piece was in the bag before it was opened. We are fully confident that if you were to walk into our production facility and examine the puzzle manufacturing process thoroughly, you would be convinced that there is no way that the piece was missing from the bag inside the box. Our production line does not allow for a piece to get stuck or not make it through the line without the whole production stopping. There is no room for a piece to fall or slip somewhere, or enter the sixth dimension where your socks go during laundry. Since it takes us a while to send you your missing piece, encourage you to think about all the places it could be. Almost all of our customers end up finding it somewhere obscure. The cat took it to it’s secret lair, someone stuck it in a pocket while they grabbed another bottle of wine, it slipped in between your table leaves, or something like that. 

That said, we would hate for you to have one missing piece, so we always find someway to replace the piece or the puzzle. 

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